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Google Adsense Vs Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN)

Website owners can now earn money by allowing contextual advertisers (like Adsense or YPM) to place ads on their webpages. The more people visit and click the ads, the more money the advertisers will pay to the website owner. Richard Warren compares the two big players in the Contextual Advertising market - Google Adsense vs Yahoo Publisher Network.

Relevance of Ads: YPN is not returning ads that are as relevant as the ones that Adsense users are finding. For example, one blogger reported that on a website on PHP programming, YPN returned ads for a florist and for a phone service provider. The blogger couldn't understand what words the YPN program picked up for the florist. But it was the word 'hello' that apparently signaled the ads regarding the phone service.

Publisher Earnings Report and Statistics: Additionally, some users have complained that YPN doesn't seem to update earnings and visitor information as often as Adsense. So website owners have to wait to learn if changes they have made have actually impacted the visitors that they get.

Better CPC: It seems that YPN is paying more per click than Adsense. But the feeling is that payments will be made more appealing long enough to get website owners to switch from Adsense to YPN, but then prices will even out. Some argue that in the long run it won't matter if YPN pays more if they can't improve their ad relevancy because they won't get the number of clicks from visitors to see a real difference in their earnings.

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