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Google Adsense Domain Name Parking

Google Domain ParkingAnyone can now register a new or expired web domain for less than $10 a year. Domain-name Squatters are registering thousands of domain names in the hope that someone will buy them at a higher price. Some cyber-squatters are using Pay-per-click advertising (Google Adsense) to monetize domain names without even building a website.

Google Adsense for Domains is one such domain parking service to earn money from unused or dormant domains. The service creates a HTML (or XML) webpage filled with pay-per-click ads which is served to the user visiting the parked domain. Since the webpage has only links, there is a good possibility that user will click to navigate - and this user activity translates to revenue since the clicked link is an advertisement.

AdSense for domains program typically analyze a domain name and tries to match its meaning with Google Adwords' ads and related searches that are related to the domain name subject. AdSense for domains customers redirect traffic from parked domains to the AdSense for domains service. When Google receives the request, it processes the domain name and returns formatted HTML that includes contextual ads and related searches.

Sites that use Adsense for domains may typically rank low in Google search-engine results since they consist solely of commercial links. But they aren't automatically excluded. Google Adsense for domains is running across 3 million parked domain names.

These advertising-oriented domains typically attract visitors searching for information by directly typing the address into their Web browsers, rather than using a search engine. Google parking requires atleast 750,000 page views per month to be eligible for the AdSense for domains service.

Google Domain Tasting:
Sign up for millions of domain names; set up pages and run ads on them; delete domains within 5 days that have no or marginal traffic; keep the 1% of pages that have enough traffic to be worth keeping the domain. Because of the refund policy, the 99% of pages deleted before the 5 day grace period are refunded in full and the monetizer (or cybersquatter) gets to keep the adsense revenue generated over those 5 days. Domain registrars make over $5m-$8m / year from parked domain monetization pages.

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