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Cheerioke: Create Animated Avatars with Voice (lip sync)

Create Animated Avatars with VoiceUsers can phone in karaoke songs and send them to friends, via singing Oddcast avatars.

Cheerioke is an online tool that lets people customize an animated character (avatar) and then sing along to a tune. Visitors can select one of three songs and sing along to music playing on the PC. The voice can be recorded directly to the PC with an attached microphone; alternatively, users can dial a toll-free number, sing into the handset, then save the performance to a server.

Once the performance is saved, a Cheerioke user can watch the Oddcast character sing in his or her own voice. The animation's head bobs, the eyes move and the lips open and close in time to the vocals.

Visit the Cheerioke Website. The Flash characters are created using technology from Oddcast. [Macromedia Edge]