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You could be very knowledgeable about computers and the Internet but lack the time necessary to go online and do extensive research for your work. And even if you have the time to research the web, you may still not be able to find the information you want because you cannot create the right query for the search engines. Don't worry, help is just a click away.

Even experienced web users sometimes need help to search information on the internet. I can help you locate hard-to-find information on the web or solve technology-related problems that you are facing.

Your question can be related to Tech Support, Online Map of the nearest Pizza store, how to choose the best software, Hardware Buying Guide, Where to download Drivers for my Windows 95 PC, Quotes for Wedding Anniversaries, Where is the nearest Wi-Fi Spot, Should I buy a PC or a Mac, Should I buy a XP PC or wait for Vista, Access restricted websites, locating a lost friend's email address, How to make money from Adsense, blog design or just anything under the sun - I will find the answer for you.

Do not press the payment button until you type your question in the box above. Your question will also be shown on the next screen, the PayPal payment page.

You are free to set the price for your question. If you are not satisfied with our answer, you can immediately ask for a refund. If the answer you receive to your question is unclear for whatever reason, you can request a clarification at no additional charge.