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Advertise on this site link in Adsense ads

Google is making it simple for website owners to find new advertisers for their websites. Advertisers wishing to advertise directly on a Website using Google advertising program can click on an "Advertise on This Site" link that takes them to a Google page where they can create an AdWords ad for the specific Web site. (see screenshot of Advertise on this site link embedded in 336x28 adsense block)

Screenshot Advertise on this siteOnsite Advertiser Sign-up is actually an extension of Google site targeting that makes it easier for advertisers to bid on your site. Site-targeted ads take cost-per-impression (or CPM) pricing, which means advertisers decide how much they would like to pay for every 1000 impressions the ad receives on the website.

Onsite Advertiser Sign-up program could put significant pricing pressure on blog advertising vendors like BlogAds and Adbrite. To attract advertisers, Google allows you to customize the landing page advertisers see with the logo, color scheme, and site description of your choice.

Previously, advertisers seeking to market on Web sites using Google's syndicated AdSense advertising system had to enroll through Google's AdWords program and list sites where they wished their ads to be featured.

If you are an Adsense publishers, Google has already enabled the "Advertise on this site" link for your Adsense blocks. It is not immediately know if this link will appear in ads of all sizes. And if you are unhappy with the feature or feel that this could drive visitors away from your website, Google make is easy to opt-out.

You will not receive any referral money from Google if you website attracts new Adwords advertisers.