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Interesting facts about Google Adsense

Here is a list of interesting facts about the Google Adsense program. As an Adsense Publisher, I found some of them quite amusing.

# AdSense publishers are permitted to click on link unit topics on their web pages, provided that they do not click on any Google ads on the resulting page.

# AdSense publishers are paid for clicks on the ads that are linked from link unit topics, but not for clicks on the initial topics themselves.

# Participating in Google AdSense does not affect your site's rank in Google search results. While Googlebot does crawl content pages for the purpose of targeting ads, this crawl is not associated with the main index crawl.

# If you are unable to save custom color palettes, make sure your browser is set to allow cookies and JavaScript is enabled. Clear your browser cache and delete all cookies before attempting to save your color palettes again.

# You may notice that after you place the AdSense ad code on a web page, you do not receive the most relevant ads. The relevancy of Google ads on your pages will improve over time.

# AdSense for search top queries are the top 25 queries performed on your AdSense for search box within a given date range. Only queries that receive two or more hits will be displayed in the list of AdSense for search top queries. If your site has a low volume of traffic, you may not see any top queries listed because each query is unique.

# The border color of image ads can be customized using your color palette options. The border color will be the same as the border color that you have selected for text ads.

# If you see a Google image ad that you feel is inappropriate or misleading, please click the Feedback: Ads by Google link below the image ad.

# Public service ads may be served to your first ad unit if targeted ads cannot be served. In this case, the second and third ad units on the page will display as transparent boxes.

# The AdSense program uses geotargeting to serve Google ads to your pages - ads are specific to a user's region and language, based on their IP address.

# A user viewing a page with 3 ad units and 1 link unit will log 4 ad unit impressions, but only 1 page impression.

# Google Adsense customer support doesn't have a telephone number.

# If you are not yet 18, you may have a parent or guardian submit an application using their name as the payee name.

# Google doesn't allow you to open Google ads in a new browser window.

# Reports on impressions and clicks are usually updated every fifteen to thirty minutes.

# The multiple ad units system serves ads to each ad unit in order of their appearance in your HTML code.

# The eCPM column in your reports will display the effective CPM of your combined CPC and CPM activity.

# CPM ads can be either text or image ads, and are always site-targeted. CPM text ads will expand to take up the entire ad unit.

# You can choose to run ad units that will display only image ads by selecting the Image ads only option when generating your ad layout code.

# If the AdSense code is placed on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language, Google may show public service ads or ads in another language.

# Clicks deemed by Google monitoring system to be invalid will appear in your reports. However, since advertisers are not charged for clicks deemed to be invalid, publishers do not receive any revenue for these clicks.

# To change the email address associated with Adsense login, publishers should write to Google with 'Login change request' as the subject.

# If you believe that another site is illegally copying the contents of your site, you may send a notice of alleged infringement by following the procedure at When you have sent the notice, please notify Google and they will take appropriate action.

Most of the information here is available in the extensive Google Adsense online help manual (

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