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Windows XP and Microsoft Office CD available for ~ $5

The University of Minnesota is offering students legal Windows XP Professional upgrade CD for $3.60 plus tax and Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 on CD for $4.25 plus tax. Students with a high-speed Internet connection can opt to download the software for free.

Macintosh users can buy Office 2004 on CD for $5.15 plus tax, which also includes Virtual PC, software that allows Macintosh computers to run Windows.

The university has negotiated reduced prices on Microsoft software licenses for U of M students and some 1,000 students have already taken advantage of this "Microsoft Software at McDonald's price" offer. If there aren't enough restrictions on reselling of these software, some of it may soon be available at eBay.

Previously, employees of Microsoft have purchased really cheap software from Microsoft stores and sold it on eBay.

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