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Web Incarnations of Microsoft Office Software

Richard at ZDNet has compiled a list of web-based office software that are "web-incarnations" for every Microsoft Office product.

Richard is confident that the time for the web-based office will come. When broadband is ubiquitous, web functionality is richer, issues of security and reliability have been put to rest, and most importantly of all - when Corporates are ready to make the jump.

The most noticable among these web-office-apps is Writely - The Web Word Processor - Paul Pival says it's got a WYSIWYG editor, and multiple people can collaborate on the same document, which can be either public or private.

Some of these web-based office apps are evolving along the lines of Microsoft Office Suite programs.

FCKeditor Microsoft Word like open source web app.
Num Sum - Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
called S5 - Microsoft Powerpoint presentations
Webnote - Microsoft OneNote 2003
gOFFICE - online word processor and desktop publishing program.
thinkfree - online Office suite

Most are AJAX (like Kiko), but some are Macromedia Flash or Flex-based. Once these web-based office products reach a level of maturity, they will be ready to challenge Microsoft for the minds and pockets of consumers. One of the keys is achieving the level of functionality that Microsoft Office undeniably has.