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Smart Search - Light weight Desktop Search Tool

We have seen some tremendous competition in the market with the entry of companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, x1, Copernic, blinkx. The heat is still and the latest entrant is a Russian Company called DVYGUN, who have just released Smart Search Beta, a free desktop search tool that provides instant full text search over your documents, media, emails, contacts and web pages you've viewed.

The company claims that even if your search index has grown up to 1,000,000 documents, the search would be constantly near sub-second. Smart Search support instant on-the-fly indexing for emails, indexes new and updated files instantly, after they are saved to disk (only Windows NT/2000/XP).with speed up to 5GB/hour.

Smart Search analyzes found documents to calculate their relevance. Most relevant documents, so more correlated with your search query, are showed first. Furthermore, every found document is showed with contextual citation, with highlighted search keywords, so you can quickly understand document content.

Download Smart Search from Dvygun.