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Slipstream Microsoft Office 2003 SP2

Guide to slipstream Office 2003 SP2 into Microsoft Office 2003 CD

Use this simple guide to create an Microsoft Office 2003 CD that has an integrated (slipstreamed) SP2 to avoid having to manually install the updates later. We do an administrative Office 2003 installation so that you don't have to enter product keys or other information while installing Office 2003. You will however need to activate the product.

Before you slipstream Office 2003 and Service Pack 2 into one CD., you'll need the access to your Microsoft Office 2003 CD with product key, Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 - fullfile version Office2003SP2-kb887616-fullfile-enu.exe and some of your precious time.

Here's an easy to follow step-by-step guide to Slipstream Office 2003 and SP2:

1. Create three folders on you c: drive - c:\MSOffice2003 | c:\Office2003SP2 | c:\tempSP2

2. Now Insert the Office 2003 CD and type "x:\setup.exe /a" in the Run dialog [x is your cd-rom drive letter]

3. Enter the required information like Name, Organization and Office 2003 Product Key. Click Next

4. Here you should choose c:\MSOffice2003 as the installation point

5. Accept the End User License Agreement [EULA] and click next. Files are now being copied to the installation pointed choose in step 4.

6. All files need to launch office 2003 setup is being copied in to the folder you have been selected.

7. Copy Office 2003 SP2 file in the folder c:\tempSP2

8. Execute the following commands in sequence from the Run dialog.

8a. Command to extract all Office 2003 SP2 files into the Office2003SP2 folder.

8b. Command to slipstream main office 2003 files.

8c. Command to integrate Office 2003 Web Components

The Service Pack 2 has now been integrated into your Office 2003. It is safe to delete the c:\Office2003SP2 and c:\tempSP2 folders.

The Integrated (Slipstreamed) Office 2003 SP2 CD will require no serial (CD-key) during installation.

You can either burn the contents of the folder to CD or leave them on your hard drive.