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Robert Scoble tries to please his master Bill Gates

Mr Scobleizer is facing heat from all corners over his recent interview of Bill Gates.

Scoble, admittedly a bit nervous, told Bill Gates that it's hard to come up with hard questions because Gates has heard them all.

But ZDNet isn't convinced and wished that Scoble had dug just a little deeper in his allotted time.
I can understand Scoble not wanting to be impertinent and being a good corporate citizen. Microsoft pays his salary.
Dave Winer too feels it's hard to interview a guy of Gates's stature, especially when he signs the paycheck of your boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss.

With all these accusations, Scoble, for the first time, is getting on the defensive:
There will be a next time. I do have to wonder, though, are you guys all the types who, when first invited up to see someone, you start asking the hardest questions you can right out the gate? Or do you try to build some kind of relationship with your subject first?
The interview video is just 16 minutes long but the file size is a quarter of a GB - (the video guy) says, "I did this one at a hgher resolution, sorry."