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Office 12 is now Office Vista

Microsoft Office Vista is the latest internal name of Microsoft Office 2006 or Microsoft Office 12 at Redmond.

wonders whether that will be the official name of the product or whether this just indicates that this is the version of Office that will ship at the same time as Windows Vista.

The next version of Microsoft Office would be coming in 2006. The Microsoft Office 12 Beta 1 is due this fall.

Microsoft Office 12 system will be shipped with some brand-new servers like an Excel Server, Visio Server and many others.

More details on Office 2006 are expected at PDC conference.

The first session on Microsoft Office 2006 is titled "Introduction to the Programmable Customization Model for the Office 12 User Experience" by Jensen Harris - Office 12 is introducing a new, declarative model for customizing the Office user interface using XML. Learn about what is possible and how your Office solutions can benefit from the new technologies.