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Nokia Tablets - Free Linspire - Office CD Key - Life without Office"

Nokia Internet Tablet Phone is part of the project Mobile phones for learning - The tablet phone, based on Linux, connects via Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth-enabled phones, and offers a task-oriented user interface with web, mail, RSS, Internet radio, and media players.

Linspire desktop Linux operating system which normally costs £27.31 is available for free until 6 September, thanks to Linspire is free - Freespire

MIT Media Lab is working on a $100 Laptop - Linux-based, Wi-Fi and cell phone-enabled.

Form History Manager - If you ever had to clear your Firefox form history because you keyed in a password in the wrong form field, you might like this extension.

Office Lady answers your queries about Microsoft Office Product Keys. You need the product key (cd key) to install, reinstall, repair your Office programs.

PCWorld's Editor in Chief Harry McCracken is without Microsoft Office for a month now. Harry is surviving on 2.0 and he isn't complaining but actually loving the smooth experience.

A Firefox fan has an amazing flickr collection of Eat IE posters. My favorite - The actual browser race.