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Microsoft Office 12: Front-end for SAP, Oracle Applications

Microsoft wants Office 12 to become the front-end portal to just about every business application.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says Office Vista is the biggest tech breakthrough since Windows 95 and Office 95. Microsoft simultaneously launched Windows 95 and Office 95 more than a decade ago and since then, it has it coordinated the release of a new operating system as well as a new version of Office.

Office will no longer just be a variety of interlinked desktop applications, but will now extend onto the server, where it will be linked with many other kinds of software. RSS will allow workers to pull data in and out of Office. With Office 12, you will be able to subscribe to receive data from your company’s software applications. For example, you might be able to automatically receive the latest analysis of your company’s profitability.

Microsoft is making a play to establish its Office software, which after all is already on just about everybody’s desktop, as an alternative to enterprise applications (like Oracle, SAP) and open-source software. SAP has already announced it would be working with Microsoft to make its data more easily accessible from Office.

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