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Macromedia Breeze Pricing Structure revealed

Macromedia Breeze provides everything you'll need for online meetings, including text chat, a whiteboard, an overlay feature (for marking shared documents without changing the original file), application sharing, and even optional videoconferencing and VoIP audio. Macromedia Breeze Presenter module converts powerpoint presentations into flash files which are ready for the Macromedia Breeze server.

The process starts at the Macromedia site, where you use your browser to schedule a meeting. You then invite participants to your meeting via e-mail. Breeze is a great way for companies to cut travel expenses by meeting with clients and colleagues via the Web. The Polling feature is useful in large meetings, say, 10 people or more, as it quickly tallies votes from participants on a topic of your choice.

But Macromedia Breeze isn't cheap. ZDNet reveals the Macromedia Breeze pricing structure here.

Macromedia Breeze 5-user plan costs $375 per month, but audio/video conferencing costs an extra $99. Macromedia bundles telephone and e-mail support with its service. The Macromedia Breeze five-user, $375/month plan allows you just five tech-support incidents per month.

Trial version Macromedia Breeze Presenter is not available for download. However you can try Macromedia Breeze for 15 days.

Following Breeze applications are include in the subscription plan:

* Breeze Meeting for real-time meetings and seminars
* Breeze Presenter for PowerPoint authoring of narrated, self-paced elearning courses and on-demand presentations
* Breeze Training for managing elearning courses and curriculum
* Breeze Events for managing user registration, reminders and tracking for large online seminars and presentations