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Live Blogging Scoble - Self Potraits - Bloglet alternative

Iconize Me CaricaturesSee a picture of Robert Scoble blogging with his Toshiba M4 Tablet PC. Notice the Blogger T-shirt. Credits: Dave Winer

Iconize Me creates custom caricatures of you. Just send them your pictures and they'll convert it into a stunning icons (pixel portrait).

As Americans confronted disturbing images from New Orleans, Katrina has incited a storm of enthusiasm among Islamist bloggers who claim the destruction was sent by God to torment the American empire.

After BoingBoing it's the turn of NoingNoing

FeedBlitz is a nice alternative to Bloglet for email subscription lists. Here's why ? [via]

Pictures of the Microsoft Office Crabby Lady.

Nirsoft have developed an amazing collection of free utilities - my personal favorites being ShellExView