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Increase your Computer Word Power

Most office workers find computer jargon as difficult to understand as a foreign language wasting hours deciphering what a technical term means. Terms such as jpeg, javascript and cookies are among the problem words and turning off firewall is the worst course of action to take. [source: BBC]

This Computer Jargon guide could offer some help to the confused Office worker.

Chainsaw Consultant - An outside expert brought in to reduce the employee head count, leaving the top brass with clean hands.

404 - Someone who is clueless. From the Web error message, “404 Not Found,” which means the document requested couldn’t be located. “Don’t bother asking John. He’s 404.”

CGI Joe - A hard-core CGI script programmer with all the social skills and charisma of a plastic action figure.

Plug-and-Play - A new hire who doesn’t require training.

Dilberted - To be exploited and oppressed by your boss, as is Dilbert, the comic strip character.