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Grandfather Google - Office 12 release date - Indesign CS2 giveaway

Google is now a proud father of father of the internet. Vint Cerf, visiting scientist with NASA, joins Google and might focus on Google Earth which already competes with NASA WorldWind. [link]

All members of Creativepro get a chance to win a copy of Adobe InDesign CS2. Sign-up for the contest here.

Quicktime Player 7 for Windows is available for download either standalone or with iTunes.

Google published another basic presentation for Google Adsense Publishers on how to get Adsense HTML right. Nothing useful but Google is making full use of their Macromedia Breeze license.

Bill Gates seems to contradict other MS executives on the release date of Office 2006 (now called Office Vista). According to Gates, Office 12 would be released in "early 2006" while the internal Office 12 ship calendar states July 17, 2006.