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Google: Please Practise What You Preach

Rick Aristotle Munarriz ( has written few things which he certainly doesn't like about Google.

What he terms Google Flip-flop hypocrisy, Google offers advice to publishers who serve the company's ads through its AdSense program.

In a visual heat map, Google argues that webmasters are best served by positioning Google's ads on the upper left-hand side of a Web page. Where does Google place its own ads? That's right -- on the far right.

He also points to the CNet story when CNET ran a story on the plethora of personal information that is available online through Google and used Google's CEO as an example, Google slapped CNET with a one-year press freeze. This case shows not only how powerful Google's search is, but also how naive it can be in shutting out media access to CNET, one of the Internet's most prolific and popular sources of tech news.

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