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Flickr in Feedburner - Outsourcing teachers - Ebay eyeing Skype after Paypal

FeedBurner added new features like including Flickr photos and Delicious links in feeds.

Latest style of outsourcing, Indian teachers give Americans lessons in English Grammar using the Internet.

eBay might acquire Internet-telephone company Skype. eBay has earlier acquired the electronic-payment processing service PayPal.

Playing with Firefox setting: Type about:config in the Firefox address bar and you'll see tons of configurable settings. Always consult the about:config reference

A man accused of running a phishing scam targeting Microsoft users owes $3 million to Microsoft.

There's a much simple way to add categories to blogger. Tag all your posts in and insert simple Javascript in your blogger template. Read detailed instructions - categories in blogger

Adobe PDF format termed as "draconian" and user-unfriendly DRM, bloated files, and for being a format that "does not play well on PDAs, cell phones and other gizmos with small screens". [via]