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Firefox Designer: Microsoft is great for shareholders only

Just when Mozilla is preparing for the release of Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Blake Ross targets Microsoft again in an interview with David Strom. Blake also speaks about the Firefox development environment.

Microsoft is here to win. That's great if you're a shareholder, but how many users appreciated that attitude when spyware and pop-ups filled their screens four years ago, and Microsoft, having crushed Netscape, abandoned the market? The company is back now that competition has arisen, but where will it be in four more years?

They use CVS for source control, LXR for code cross-referencing, and blogs, mailing lists and newsgroups for team coordination. Blake does use commercial software products like Microsoft Word, Trillian, Visual Studio and iTunes. There aren't too many consumer-friendly open-source products, unfortunately.

Blake is writing a book titled "Firefox for Dummies". And he is asking for inputs from Firefox actual users as he finishes up the book and sends it for publication.

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