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Download Microsoft Office 2003 SP2

Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 adds a Phishing Protection feature for Outlook 2003 that filters out e-mails trying to steal personal information. The 50 MB Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 is a cumulative update that combines previously released patches and Office 2003 Service Pack 1. There are no other new features in Office 2003 SP2 except for some security enhancements, stability and performance improvements. Microsoft says stability improvements have been made based on feedback received from the Online Crash Analysis tool.

Office 2003 SP2 will update all your Microsoft Office 2003 programs and Office 2003 Web Components except for Microsoft Visio 2003 and Microsoft Onenote 2003.

Download: Office 2003 SP2 OneNote 2003 SP2 Viso 2003 SP2 Project 2003 SP2

If you have the original Microsoft Office 2003 CD handy, download Office2003SP2-kb887616-client-enu.exe (~ 50MB) else download Office2003SP2-kb887616-fullfile-enu.exe (~ 100MB) . You would need to download the latter bigger SP2 file if you plan to slipstream SP2 into Office 2003 CD .

While installing Microsoft Office 2003 SP2, you may be required to to insert the Office 2003 product CD if your local installation gets corrupted.

To enable phishing protection, you need both Office 2003 SP2 and the latest Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter Update. Once both are installed, Office 2003 SP2 has phishing protection turned on by default.

Microsoft Office SP2 will probably be the last update for Office 11 until version 12 (Office Vista) expected in 2006. Microsoft Office 12 features major UI and functionality improvements.