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Convert PDF and Office files to HTML format

You will learn how to convert Microsoft Office files like .doc, .xls, .ppt and Adobe PDF files to HTML format without any expensive software. You will also learn about translating PDF and Office documents to different languages without spending even a single penny.

Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office formats like .doc and .xls are the the most popular non-HTML file formats on the internet. People save important information in these formats - No wonder, Google supports (indexes) these formats. During indexing, Google converts the file to either HTML or text. And we will use this Google feature to convert our documents to HTML.

1. Open a free account in geocities or and upload your PDF and Office files.

2. Create a webpage that has links to your documents and submit this webpage address to Google AddURL page.

3. Switch off your computer and return after a few days or few weeks. Chances are that one night, Googlebot visited your webpage, read your documents and stored them in it's cache. If Google hasn't visited your site yet, wait for another few weeks.

Convert PDF and Office files to HTML

4. Now open the Google search page and type - Google search results will list your documents with a link to "View as HTML" It also removes the need for an external viewer.

5. To translate your PDF or Office files, click the link to "View as HTML" and paste it into the Google Tranlate page. Make your language selection from the drop-down list and choose Translate. Google will convert your document into the language of your choice which you can either save as HTML or as plain text.

Remember that while using the "View as HTML" option, you can avoid viruses. But clicking on the direct link to the file will launch the associated program for reading the file, provided it's installed on your system.