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Anti-Spam group targets Yahoo Domains and Web Hosting

Yahoo! is hosting almost 5,000 domain names of fraudulent websites that have domain names containing the words "bank", "PayPal" or "eBay", including misspellings and many of which are linked to phishing scams.

This was revealed by Spamhaus, a non-profit organisation, provides spam blocking lists for 450 million mailboxes around the world.

Majority (80%) of spam targetted at Internet users in North America and Europe is generated by a hard-core group of known professional spammers and can be traced via aliases and addresses, redirects, hosting locations of sites and domains.

See the pictures and profiles of world's worst spammers and spam gangs - The TOP 10 Spammers (A majority of them are in Russio or the USA)

These spam operations consist of an estimated 500-600 professional spammers with ever-changing aliases and domains. They operate illegally and move from network to network (and country to country) seeking out "spam-friendly" Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") known for lax enforcing of anti-spam policies.

Yahoo! accused of hosting thousands of phishing sites -