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Weblogs Inc vs the average Programmer

On July 19, the Weblogs Inc group posted their Adsense revenue for May, 2005. Jason Calacanis declared that WeblogsInc on an average earned $1,585.57 per day in May from Google Adsense.

And their staff comprises of 103 bloggers plus some 10 full time staffers.

A disgruntled Weblogs Inc recruit recently revealed that on an average, Weblogs Inc pays $4 per post and their bloggers are expected to write 4.2 posts per day on a average (125 posts per month else pro-rated at $4.00 per post)

So assuming the figures are true, Jason distributes some 4.2*4*103 = $1730 per day.

It is not difficult to assume that the average daily earning for July would be around $2000 since they broke the $2100 barrier in mid of July.

That leaves him with around $300 per day in which he also has to pay the webhosting fees, 10 full time staffers and other expenses (could even add upto $200).

So on an average, the "Weblogs Inc" company is earning some $100 per day. Is it the kind of amount to celebrate and tell the whole world (read, blogosphere).

An average programmer can make that kind of money by sitting at home and writing code for Elance or Rent-a-coder.

Why is Jason willing to declare their financials which are nothing great but actually poor if you calculate the ROI. And why would anybody want to work for Weblogs Inc at McDonalds Rates.

If you are really passionate about something, start your own blog and put adsense - believe me, your earning would be much much more.