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Scott Adams' Dilbert on Google

This could be a 3 year old story but I discovered it only today and loved the sense of humour.

Since Google's start in 1998, it has been redesigning its logo on a temporary basis to celebrate holidays, events and international celebrations through its doodles. Google's homepage doodles reflect Google's unusual corporate culture, where nothing is taken seriously except for search.

In May 2002, Google roped in cartoonist Scott Adams to design a
series of Google Logos using the famous Zany office worker Dilbert, his pinecone-haired boss and his wacky co-workers on the Google home page. [Via]

How hard would it be to make five clever jokes about the word Google and get them all approved by a committee? Dilbert's creator, Scott Adams, answered this in his popular Dilbert Newsletter.
I'm sad to say that my first attempt, culminating with Wally standing behind the letters "OO" as if they were huge man-breasts, did not pass muster.
"Dilbert has had a large influence on Google's management style," said Sergey Brin, co-founder and president of Technology, Google Inc. "I am planning to adopt a pointy hairdo."