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Preparing for the Next Internet Crisis

Poynter has a list of essential things to do before the next Internet worm strikes you. Better safe than sorry.

1. Maintain a hard copy printout of all your contacts.

2. Use a web based email service like GMail - Send copies of your contacts to a free, Web-based e-mail service so your most useful material is accessible wherever you go.

3. Backup your data - You can back up your files to various removable media or use an online backup service, which stores files remotely.

Just like to add a couple more points here.

1. Maintain a backup of your backup.

2. Invest in a decent firewall with an Antivirus (like ZoneAlarm or Norton Internet security)

3. Turn on Windows Update.

4. Use Firefox or Opera - They are less vulnerable.

5. Use software release tracking system like VersionTracker to get information on new updates and software patches.

6. Maintain a second PC that is not connected to the internet for offline work.

7. Subscribe to Microsoft security updates.