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Download Macromedia Studio 8 with Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks

Box screenshot of Macromedia Flash Professional 8On the eighth hour of eighth day of the eighth month of 2005, Macromedia announced Studio 8 - 8/8 at 8am, and the Macromedia Studio8 announcement comes just four months after Adobe released Creative Suite 2.

Please download Macromedia Studio 8, Dreamweaver 8 and Flash 8 at the website. You can download Studio 8 even without a Devnet Subscription. . To download trial macromedia software, you need a Macromedia membership that is free and will give access to trial downloads, product extensions, and special community areas. Your membership also allows you to view and manage your activity in the Macromedia Worldwide Store.

FreeHand is out and Contribute is in. As widely expected, Macromedia Studio 8 sheds FreeHand. The new suite includes enhancements to Dreamweaver and Fireworks, and now houses Contribute and FlashPaper, as well.

The new iteration of Dreamweaver is tuned for visual authoring with XML, includes support for ColdFusion and PHP, background file transferring, and a set of CSS best practices, Guerard said.

Macromedia Studio 8 Product Activation technology creates a unique number that identifies the user's computer. The hardware ID is a mathematically computed, one-way hash based on the user's hard drive geometry and CPU family, and cannot be used to identify the make or model of the user's computer or its components.

The Activation ID is composed of the product's serial number, product name, product version, and language along with the operating system name, version, and language. The activation request is automatically sent to Macromedia backend servers via the internet using an HTTP request with SSL encryption.

have finally dropped the "MX" word and are again calling their products by the version numbers.
See Macromedia Studio 8 program screenshots - Macromedia Flash Professional 8 screenshots | Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 screenshots | Flash 8 authoring environment for the programmer

Macromedia Studio 8 is available for download since September 2005. You can download a trial version of Macromedia Studio MX 2004 here. And the Macromedia Online Store is already accepting pre-orders for Studio8.

Visit the Macromedia Studio 8 Software feature tour flash videos to see what is new or enhanced.

Studio 8
Dreamweaver 8
Flash 8

Update: FlashMagazine has full size screenshots of Flash 8.

Update: The Macromedia official website has captivating flash videos explaining the new features in each of the new macromedia programs. You however need to download Flash Player 8 (still in beta) to view the videos.