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Looking for Warez : Just Google It

Search for appz and warez with Google

China has way too many warez sites run by individuals, and Google is so far still crawling and indexing them. The high number of warez sites makes Google to usually return links to warez sites on the first page of the results, some even get to ranked first. And of course, this technique can be used for searching warez and appz with Google Russia too.

This guide illustrates how to use Google China to search for warez. Finding pirated software is surprisingly easy with Google. Yes, we have astalavista to find the serial numbers and key generators, but it might take you a little more time to find the original setup files, and software that do not use serial numbers to validate the license.

Enter Google. Google China, to be exact. It's okay if you don't read chinese. You just have to know some keywords (with trasnlation below) to download any files successfully, with the success rate of as high as 100%. Believe it.

Though I am not encouraging you to use Google for searching cracks and warez, but it is a pretty long guide more inclined towards translation. After reading the full post, it look more like a guide to translate Chinese to English than a Guide to finding warez on Google.

Using another Google service, you can open the Google China page in English. Just enter the search terms here, and the all the resulting pages, links will also be translated into english.

Again, don't download unlicensed software (reads: warez). If you can't afford a software, find a free or open source alternative.