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Install Adobe PDF Online service as a local printer

Create Adobe PDF Online Printer - Set up the Create Adobe PDF Online Printer and print documents directly from applications on your computer.

You can directly create Adobe PDF files from the Create PDF online service from Adobe without uploading the source document to the web browsers using the Internet Printing Protocol or IPP. And you don't even need the expensive Adobe Acrobat software.

Install Create Adobe PDF as a local printer
To Print Directly From Your Computer, create a printer instance for "Create Adobe PDF Online" service on your Windows system (sorry Mac users) that points to the online service. Select File > Print, then choose "Create Adobe PDF Online" as the printer. Read full instructions on Installing and using Create PDF online service on your desktop. You must be connected to the Internet to print to the "Create Adobe PDF Online" printer. You will also be able to print pages from secure Web sites.

Create Adobe® PDF Online Following is the detailed procedure to add the Create Adobe PDF Online printer to your computer.

1. Click "Start" from the Windows Task Bar, then click "Control Panel".
2. Select Printers and Faxes.
3. From the File menu, select "Add Printer".
4. The Add Printer wizard will open. Click "Next" on the first screen.
5. Click the radio button for "A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer", then click "Next".
6. Click the radio button for "Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network".
7. In the "URL" text box, enter then click "Next".
8. Click the "No" radio button when asked whether to use this as the default printer, then click "Next".
9. Click "Finish".

In step 7, you will get your own unique id when your create an account with Adobe.

The service allows 5 free PDF conversions per user and then one can choose either the Monthly Subscription (US$9.99) or the Annual Subscription model for USD 99.99. If you cannot afford the Adobe PDF Online service, there are tons of free tools for pdf conversion.

Note: Currently, the Create Adobe PDF Online Printer is only available for Windows. The Macintosh platform does not currently offer an option to transfer files using a secure networking technology, such as SSL, when printing via Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). Because of this limitation, the Create Adobe PDF Online Printer is not available for use on Macintosh. [via]