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Google finally embraces syndicated feeds

I never need to visit the Google News page again. I'll just subscribe them as RSS and have automatically push the relevant stories to my feedreader. This is one big feature I had been waiting for since I starting using Google News. MSN and Yahoo! News were quick to jump into the RSS bandwagon but Google took a while. But better late than never.

Google News now officially provides XML feeds (RSS | Atom) for both standard and custom news stories. First do any search on Google News, then simply use the Atom or RSS link on the left-hand side of your search results page to generate the feed. This was announced by Chris DiBona who is an Open source program manager at Google Inc.

This feature could also be a final nail in the coffin for services like Google News RSS XML Generator, Google News RSS Scraper, ScrappGoo, GNews2RSS and a million others.

Right now, Google News supports Atom 0.3 and RSS 2.0. You are free to make any noncommercial use of Google's RSS and Atom feeds on your website.

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