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Favorite desktop search tools: MSN, Copernic, dtSearch

The latest PCWorld desktop search tools comparison includes Blinkx, Copernic Desktop Search, Google Desktop Search, MSN Search Toolbar With Windows Desktop Search, and Yahoo Desktop Search (all free), and Dt Software's $199 DtSearch.

MSN Search Toolbar With Windows Desktop Search is their favorites while Copernic Desktop Search is the easiest to use. But they clearly have no love for Google Desktop Search.
For searching only text files--and if you don't mind spending $199--DtSearch is the most likely to find everything you're looking for. A familiar interface wasn't enough to win us over to Google Desktop Search, because it lacks the indexing and sorting options of competing tools.
Mac users are lucky to have the powerful Spotlight desktop search tool, built into Mac X OS 10.4 (aka Tiger) with some not-so-insignificant limitations.

X1, ISYS:Desktop and Filehand could not make a place in the PCW desktop search tool list. See the best desktop search tools comparison chart.