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Corel to Freehand users: Don't loose heart

Corel to Freehand users: Don't loose heart - we're there to help you.

Macromedia dropped Freehand from Studio8 leaving Macromedia Freehand loyalists angry and dissatisfied.

And Corel Corp. is trying to woo Freehand users by offering CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 for $99 US. The Corel website is encouraging Freehand users to download Corel Draw to see the similarities between the two software.

To learn more about this special offer for FreeHand users, please visit

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 supports FreeHand versions 7 and 8. FreeHand users of versions 9,10, and 11(MX) can save files as version 8 and import them into CorelDRAW via the FreeHand import dialogue box. Read Corel Press Release