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Computer for $10 per month in India

Microsoft India, state owned BSNL and HCL Infosystems have come together in an effort to provide low cost computing and internet connectivity within the reach of even the common man.

The new deal offers a HCL PC bundled with Microsoft software and a BSNL broadband connection at just around $10 per month. The monthly payments will go on for about 30 months, after which the consumer pays only for the internet connection.

As part of the deal, HCL Infosystems will provide the hardware loaded with software from Microsoft and internet broadband connection from BSNL.

Microsoft already has a OEM deal with HCL. BSNL, the governent owned telecom giant, has a huge landline and cellular phone subscriber base in India with presence in every corner of the country. The recently launced BSNL Dataone Broadband service in India has been largely popular due to the low cost.

"Subscription Computing" model is relatively a new concept in India. Earlier Tata Indicom had partnered with AMD to provide a "internet only" PC box for around $200.

The HCL BSNL PC is loaded with Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Professional. It comes in two models, one with Intel Celeron D processor 320 (2.4 GHz, 256 KB, 533 MHz FSB)and the another one with Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.26 GHz, 512 KB, 533 MHz FSB.

You also get Anti Virus Software (Valid for 12 Months), Microsoft Encarta Standard 2005 and SCHOOL WHIZ education software from

The higher end HCL Microsoft BSNL PC is powered by Intel Pentium 4 processor 515 (2.93 GHz, 1 MB, 533 MHz FSB), Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Media Center Editon OS, Intel Chipset 915GV motherboard.