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Blogger Toolkit

Here are my 10 favorite software tools that I use for writing on this blog. What are your favorites ? Feel free to share them here.

1. Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 with Sage and BlogThis extension - Favorite browser cum RSS feedreader

2. Vi - A lightning fast HTML and CSS editor. (WYSIWYG if used with Firefox CTRL+R)

3. w.Bloggar 4.0 - I compose all my articles in w.Bloggar, perform a spell check and then Post. Complete Blog Management Tool.

4. SnagIt and Camtasia Studio 3.0 - Use it extensively for illustrations and capturing screenshots. Courtesy Betsy Weber - SnagIt is the actual power behind the screenshots you see on my website.

5. Flashget 1.7 - Fantastic download manager - Integrates with Firefox with Flashgot extension.

6. Demo Builder 4.0 - For creating Flash movies like the Google Timeline. Courtesy Dan Tatomir

7. X1 5.2.2 - A perfect desktop search tool with built-in preview. Courtesy Stephan West

8. Google Picasa with Hello - For simple image editing and retouching, picture uploading

9. Flickr Uploader - For uploading and sharing pictures on Flickr or Blogger.

10. IE - Just to make sure my blog looks as expected if not better. I use FF extension "IE View" to open IE.

If you know of some tools that could make the life of bloggers simple, please share it here.