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Adobe says the killin's gotta stop

With all the media hype around Metro (PDF), Acrylic (Photoshop) and Microsoft Sparkle (Flash), Adobe folks are finally asking "Is the technology press so bored that they have to invent conflicts?"

And when they say Invent Conflicts - they are actually referring to these upcoming products from Microsoft that are sometimes referred to as Adobe Killers.

Adobe LiveMotion was never meant to to "kill" Flash? But soon LiveMotion got dubbed the "Flash Killer," setting up conflict and disappointment. And in the race, Livemotion died unnoticed while Flash still lives a glorious life.

Interestingly, Adobe couldn't kill Flash so they purchased Flash and also the company that develops it and all the products that company develops.

As Max Fischer would say, The killin's gotta stop. Is he referring to Adobe that is killing Freehand ?