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Sending large file attachments through email

If you've ever had problems sending large file attachments through email, you're going to love Upload'r.

There are two aspects to this website. One is to shorten URLs, which is very useful when posting links on notice boards, especially if you don't want to annoy the moderator by breaking their tables with a mile-long web address. Just paste it in and click to see your shortened link in small blue text in the top right hand corner.

For file transfers, just use the browse button to locate the file you want to send, and then click to upload the file. Unlike other FTP sites, there are no restrictions on file type, though certain files will be compressed to protect the server from malicious code. (Restrictions Apply).

You can upload files up to 25mb in size, and they will be stored temporarily for your recipients to download at the URL given in the top right hand corner. The file will remain on our server for a variable amount of time, depending on file popularity - a file which is downloaded frequently will remain online longer than a file which is rarely downloaded. [Via]