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Search PDF files without downloading

Adobe PDF is the prefered format for magazine publishers and newspapers for distributing content as PDFs are almost a replica of the printed version of the magazine. And with the free Adobe Reader, one can search across multiple documents in a folder for a keyword, and find all the files containing that string.

There is one drawback though - the PDF documents must be downloaded locally before using Adobe Reader to search through the contents. That would be a waste of bandwidth and ISYS Search Software are working to just prevent it. ISYS:Web is a product that makes PDF files searchable even from the website without requiring the user to download. Once implemented on a site, ISYS:Web creates an advanced search field that looks similar to other types of Web site search technology.

Once a keyword or term is input into the search field, what's returned is a list of results that includes not only PDFs, but any other document on the site as well, no matter the format. And then users are given the option of downloading the PDF in order to read it or view the PDF on the site, or see proximity search results that show the text around the keyword.

ISYS:web can operate as a stand-alone Web server or integrate into an existing environment, and can also be configured to automatically update indexes on whatever schedule the Webmaster chooses.

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