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Power Tips for Desktop Search users

X1, a popular tool, offers some basic but powerful tips. The first and second tip would apply to any of the desktop search programs.

1. Use quotation marks to tell X1 Desktop Search to find a specific phrase instead of individual words. Entering "as fast as you can type" in a search tab will retrieve only those documents and messages that contain that exact phrase, and the entire phrase will be highlighted in a single color.

2. It's possible to construct Boolean searches using "AND", "OR" and "NOT" and enclosing terms in parentheses for greater accuracy. The search "X1 AND (fastest OR 255) NOT projector" will find all documents or messages that contain both "X1" and either "fastest" or "255" but that do not contain the word "projector".

3. If you highlight an item in the List Pane on the left, its contents appear in the View Pane on the right.

4. To open an item in its original application so you can work on it, just double click it. This assumes, of course, that you have the application installed on your system.

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