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Posting to MSN Spaces using w.bloggar or Blogjet

Google Blogger remains my primary weblog site but I also blog (though infrequently) at MSN Spaces and Yahoo! 360°. To find a wider audience and get access to services like Categories and Trackback, my initial plan was to publish the same articles simultaneously on all of these blog services but it was not as simple a task as I thought it would be. Reason: Lack of common interface.

While I post on Blogger using w.bloggar, the same tool cannot be used for writing on MSN Spaces or Yahoo! 360° as these services do not implement Blogger API or metaWeblog API which is a primary requirement for using w.bloggar.

MSN Space team members have earlier cited several reasons for not supporting these blog posting APIs like lack of security or that they offer limited functionality. But lot has happened in the Blogging arena and MSN can no longer afford to ignore these Blog Posting APIs. And they plans to offer best of both the worlds . MSN API would be an implementation of the MetaWeblog API with some methods from the Blogger API while using HTTPS/SSL for security.

Even Flickr and Zoto would be able to support the MSN Spaces API without making significant changes. And if you are a developer of a blog posting tool or web application that wants to use the MSN API, sign up for the beta program.

Yahoo! - Are you listening !