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Macromedia developing a Blog Authoring Tool

Blogging has made a huge impact on the internet. Google, MSN, Yahoo! are providing perfect blogging platforms and everyone can start a blog in just two clicks. By some estimate, there are 70 million blogs till date.

But inspite of the huge popularity of blogs, there are only a few blog authoring tools available. And I think Macromedia, already a leader in web products, is planning to tap this still unexplored market.

Macromedia is conducting a Blog Authoring Survey that was announced by Deeje Cooley who works as a Technologist for Macromedia Contribute
is very interested in learning more about how bloggers author weblog content. This survey will help us understand what kinds of products and features for blog authoring to investigate further.
That is a clear hint that Macromedia labs are developing or planning to develop a blogging tool. Whether they release it as a completely new tool or just as an extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver or Macromedia Contribute, only time will tell.

Survey participants who complete the whole survey will also get a chance to participate in a drawing for a new Apple iPod mini.