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Former Robohelp experts launch help authoring tool

eHelp Corp., the creator of RoboHelp®, was acquired by Macromedia in 2003. And now, some chief architects of Robohelp® have quite Macromedia to start MadCap Software.

Mike, the Product manager of Robohelp, writes about the new company: .. combining years of expertise in Help authoring to bring this community the most powerful and flexible XML-based authoring tool possible, with a work flow that is comfortable and familiar.

MadCap® Flare™ is designed keeping Robohelp in mind. You can import your existing RoboHelp projects and the workflow is intended to be very familiar to RoboHelp users to ensure a low learning curve. Flare maintains content in pure XML for the ultimate in single-sourcing flexibility, allowing you to easily reuse and repurpose your content to virtually any format, standard, device, or platform. [Via]

And they do have a special offer for Robohelp users. MadCap Software will offer generous discounts on products and services to customers who convert from RoboHelp to MadCap Flare. Old sentiments die hard.