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Copernic with IE and Firefox Toolbar

Copernic has done it again with 1.6 - Now you can search your outlook emails, web history, music and everything else from Firefox browser. Another reason not to use MSN Desktop search toolbar.

Firefox is gaining prominence and with CDS 1.6, Copernic developers are making sure that no distinction is made among IE and Firefox users.

Copernic has announced a new version of Copernic Desktop Search. According to Copernic, the major changes in 1.6 are:

1. New Internet Explorer toolbar for desktop and Web searches

2. New Firefox toolbar for desktop and Web searches

3. Completely redesigned deskbar category selection window for better usability

4. New "Pause indexing when running on battery power" option for laptop users

5. New shortcut key to open the application main window from any other application (default key combination is Windows Key + C)

6. Miscellaneous usability and performance improvements

Your views on Copernic 1.6 are welcome.