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Blinkx make a Smart move

Blinkx, developers of a popular tool, launched Blinkx TV, a multimedia search engine for searching television content, video clips and movies.

Blinkx TV uses speech recognition and transcription capabilities to index not just audio and video files but the spoken parts of those files. This means that Blinkx TV is able to deliver the precise clip that contains the term the user is searching for, as opposed to just pointing the user at, say, an hour-long clip without indicating where in it the desired segment appears.

And there's more happening at BlinkxTV according to this Blinkx press release

1. Blinkx with watch the web like a hawk for you - If you search for "New York" on Fox News, Blinkx will monitor the web and notify you whenever it finds audio-video content that matches "New York" via SmartFeeds (another marketing term for RSS feeds).

2. Blinkx TV not only pulls content from popular news sources like BBC News, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg Television, NBC, MSNBC News, ABC and ESPN but also indexes podcasts, your own music albums and home videos, any multimedia content that is available on the web.

3. SmartFeed is not just another RSS feed - Blinkx will provide an API for Smartfeed, free for personal use, and I just can't wait to see how creative web developers can get with the API.