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Adobe Support offers RSS feeds

Following the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 2, Support Knowledgebase is now offering RSS XML feeds of top issues and new support documents for all Adobe® products.

If you have Adobe Acrobat® 7.0, you can use it directly to view RSS feeds without any external newsreader: In Acrobat, choose Comments > Tracker, and then choose Services > Subscribe in the Tracker window. In the next dialog box, enter the URL to an RSS feed, and click OK.

But subscribing to the feeds from The Adobe RSS page is not very easy as Adobe has put the XML URLs as plain text unlike those familiar orange icons that are clickable. I really don't understand the motive behind this design so I just formatted the links to make them clickable. The next step would be to generate an OPML file for all the feeds. Can someone help me here.

TI: Top Issues
RD: Recent Support Documents

TI RD Acrobat® 7.0 Professional
TI RD Reader® 7.0
TI RD After Effects® 6.5
TI RD Audition® 1.5
TI RD Creative Suite 2
TI RD Form Designer
TI RD Dimensions
TI RD Encore™ DVD 1.5
TI RD FrameMaker® 7.1
TI RD GoLive® CS2
TI RD Illustrator® CS2
TI RD InCopy® CS2
TI RD InDesign® CS2
TI RD PageMaker® 7.0
TI RD PhotoDeluxe
TI RD Adobe Photo shop
TI RD Photoshop® Album 2.0
TI RD Photoshop® Elements
TI RD Premiere® Pro 1.5
TI RD Premiere® Elements
TI RD PostScript Printer Drivers
TI RD Streamline
TI RD Type
TI RD Acrobat® Capture® 3.0 Convert large volumes of legacy paper documents into searchable Adobe PDF archives
TI RD Create Adobe PDF Online Convert documents into Adobe PDF files with this Web-hosted service

And Adobe Press is not far behind. They too offer RSS Feed of all Adobe Press Promotions, Events, and Press Releases. Adobe Press also offers RSS feeds of all content in the Chapters & Articles section of the site. Again, just select the article topic you want to receive in your feed, and click the "Subscribe to this topic" link.

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