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Add Corporate Websites style search in your website

Desktop Pipeline covers some of the popular Free Web Site Search tools.

You've got a Web site and you want to let visitors search its contents, just like they can when they visit the big-deal corporate sites. But you don't have a big-deal corporate budget. Not to worry. Does free work for you? You can add a third-party search engine to your site for a total cost of zero. The visitors who use it will see some ads, but all you have to do is add some HTML code to your site, and wait for the search provider to spider your site.

The article covers, PicoSearch, and FreeFind. All three of these services provides fast, hassle-free searching of your Web site. They make the process as simple as pasting a trivial amount of HTML code wherever you want on your Web site. All of them let you format the look and feel of their code to blend with yours. Each lets you fine-tune the way their search engine behaves. Each of them reports on the results of user searches on your site.

But wait, there are more alternative and some are even better. In my previous article, Let visitors search your blog, I covered in details the site search capabilities of Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Blog owners may try Technorati or Blogdigger.

Quick Tip for website owners: Research shows that maximum web surfers look for a search box at the top right corner of a page.