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Work from Home for Google through the Internet

Are you looking for a work at home job at Google where you can work without commuting through the Internet? Well, if you a computer with high speed internet connection, you can work for Google from your home.

Google, the company best know for the web search engine, is hiring temporary workers around the world to help the company refine search results as it competes with Yahoo! and Microsoft's MSN for users.

Work from Home for Google

Google is looking for ''quality raters'' who will work from home or any remote location and will help Google with evaluation of search quality results. The temporary workers, who will rate the quality of search results in different countries, will supplement Google's computerized Web ''crawlers.''

The most basic requirement for applying to these part-time jobs: Participants must have a high speed internet connection. In addition, Candidates must be web-savvy and analytical, have excellent web research skills and a broad range of interests.

Update: Google is no longer hiring international workers but they have telecommuting jobs for people based in US and Canada. The position is still called "Quality Raters" but here you will be responsible for the quality of Google Ads that appear on search results and the not the quality of actual search results.

According to an exiting Quality Rater who works from home for Google, the pay for just jobs is roughly $15 per hour but the work is easy, hours flexible, and it's pretty interesting. When you join this position at Google, you will not be a Google employee but part of WorkforceLogic assigned to a project at Google for a maximum period of 9 months. This means WorkforceLogic will manage your employment and they are the ones who will issue you a weekly paycheck.