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Transfer your vinyl LPs, old tapes to an iPod

Don't let your beloved records and cassettes degrade to silence. There are few areas of computing so immediately rewarding and downright sensible as converting old LPs and cassettes into digital format.

Doing so offers massive benefits. For instance, you can preserve your favourite music in its current condition forever and even improve it by removing scratches and tape hiss.

Songs will no longer degrade with every new play. You can make your own compilations and save them to CD or turn your computer into a fully-featured digital jukebox. No more fast-forwarding through tapes, flipping records or sitting through turgid album 'fillers' while waiting for the next decent track.

Never again need you replace your turntable's stylus or clean those tape heads. And, of course, it saves you a fortune in replacing treasured recordings with CD reissues.

The Forbes has published a six step process to digitize your vinyl. The author using Roxio CD Spin Doctor that takes line-level audio input from pretty much any source into which you can plug a stereo cable and records the audio from those sources into a digital file that you can then edit and clean up as needed. Watch the video: The Digital Life: Records And Tapes, Meet iTunes

Computeractive also covered the essentials in Revive your records on CD using PC and audio software. They recently published an updated overview of the process to Convert your records to CD. It includes everything you need to know if you missed the original feature, and tips on using the latest technology and software to make the process even easier. Availale in two parts.