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Google lends a ear to Mac and Linux users

Google Vidsense program was seen as an opportunity to make money from your home videos. Those interested can go to and load their digital videos to Google Video, itself a relatively new service that, when queried, returns excerpts of close-captioning transcripts of television programs, still images from broadcasts and other programming information.

Eventually your work will be included in Google Video, where users will be able to search, preview, play and purchase it. You may designate a price for playback of Your Authorized Content in the Uploading Form itself.

released a video uploader, a PC Windows only application that can be used to upload your video to Google servers.

Now R.P. Hughes writes that the Google Video Uploader is available both for Macintosh and for Linux (and UNIX and Solaris and HP-UX and AIX and lots of other platforms). Seems like the application is rewritten in Java that comes pre-installed on the vast majority of operating systems. And software written in Java really, really does work across all those platforms.

The Sun folks would love to read this but my problem remains - How to upload a 50 MB WMV video files on a dialup connection ?