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Google 101 and Advanced Googology

Patrick Crispen of shares some of his excellent techniques for enhancing search results from . The PowerPoint presentations and handouts are free to download provided you don't make any money from these presentations, and give credit where due.

Google 101: Stop Searching and Start FINDING [1.57 MB]

Sick and tired of looking for information about the Civil War and ending up with 1,247,672,286 hits for stuff like sheet metal fasteners or naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine? This presentation is for you! In this one hour presentation you'll learn the advanced searching tips and techniques that will help you actually FIND what you are looking for on Google.

Google 201: Advanced Googology [3.50 MB]

Ready to take your Googling to the next level? Beyond the world of plusses, minuses, and quotes lies a whole universe of secret Google tips, techniques, and tools. This quick, one-hour workshop introduces you to little known Google features like pipes, stop-word workarounds, full-word wildcards, and query modifiers—features that will instantly make you the envy of your friends and the center of attention at cocktail parties.

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